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NEWS about VP8

Hello DX-World from Stanley, the Falklands. We just got off the Braveheart and into a hotel with Wifi!

DL6KVA has the signed DX-World flags. [for auction]

Thank you for the nice comments and for covering our activity on your wonderful website. We are looking forward to catching up with all the news on DX-World.

Best wishes!
Paul N6PSE, co-leader VP8STI/VP8SGI.



February 15 — Co-leader K3LP informs that the VP8 team was able to locate a great hill top location on Sunday offered by Mario (VP8ALJ) and they plan to have two stations dedicated to 160 meters plus 80/40 meters with low noise about 1 mile outside of town in the Falkland Islands. They’ll be using the VP8IDX call sign. In addition, they’ll have a third station at the hotel with a tri-band vertical and vertical for 30 meters. Each station will have a 1K amp.

The VP8IDX/MM logs have been uploaded to Club Log. OQRS has been turned on as well.



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